Teqball Table


The legal structure of the Teqball table does not allow luck to interfere with the game; Players can only rely on their skills and abilities.

  • indoor / outdoor

  • UV resistant
  • fixed structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • High Strength

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How to Play

Teqball is a soccer-based game that is very similar to table tennis, but is played one person (for 2) or two people (4 people) on a twisted platform.

In this game where we can touch the ball with the regions (foot, chest, knee and head) in the football, the aim is to touch the ball 3 times at most and pass it to the opposite side.

Each ball you pass across and your opponent drops gives you 1 point and 12 points are needed to win the game.

One of the advantages of Teqball is that the risks such as injury are minimal due to the absence of physical contact.

As in every game, there are rules in this game, for example, the same part of the body cannot be used more than once.

It is forbidden for players to touch the table and game equipment during the game.

It is forbidden to hold the ball on body parts and between two body parts

In a doubles game, one of the players must be chosen as the captain of a team. In a single player game, the players themselves are the captain. It is the captain’s responsibility to be present when the coin is tossed.